How do I book?

Great question! Just head over to our booking page, or click on the button "LET'S GO! BOOK TODAY on homepage! This will lead you to the calendar where you can find all available dates and time slots.
Choose your slot and pay via PayPal which accepts all major CreditCards, DebitCards, and Paypal accepted. You are done!
We will contact you shortly after to confirm dates, tips what you should bring with you and answer any questions you may have.
Please note: Fuel fees and all additional fees (Jetski rental, additional hours etc.) can be paid cash or via Debit/Credit cards, or Venmo onsite.
What is the minimum amount of time for a single booking?
Minimum booking time for the GERMANIA are 2 hours -  for the Powerboat Bowrider are 3 hours.


Can I rent the boat without a captain?

For our self driving guests the Powerboat Bowrider can be rented without a captain.

The GERMANIA is for chartered tours with captain only.

We consider our beautiful boat our pride and joy! Matt is here to make your experience a no-hassle experience and will be your designated driver while you party! Relax and enjoy the water, the boat and having good times.

With a valid boaters license, you can book and take the Jetski out for a spin. It's a lot of fun!

Are there any fees in addition to the rental amount?

Yes, fuel costs apply in addition to all rates as follows: $150 for four hours. $275 full day (depending on destination) for the GERMANIA.

Fuel costs for the Powerboat Bowrider will be charged at actual use.

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