Prices are dependent on hourly rental and schedules.

Standard dates - $250 per hour - minimum rental 2 hrs.

See below for special prices on holidays or multiple day rentals.

Fuel costs apply in addition to all rates as follows:

$150 for four hours.

$275 full day(depending on destination)

Booking deposit fully refundable if cancelled 2 days prior to event.

Booking your event is easy!

Go to the tab "Book today!".

Choose the date and time slot.

Pay the amount via Paypal or major credit cards - click "Pay now"


You will receive a email confirmation  instantly.

Our Captain will contact you prior to the event to answer any questions you may have.

Special weekends
  • Opening Day Boating season 1st Saturday in May - $1,700

  • Memorial Day Weekend

    • $1,700 day

  • Fourth of July - $1,800 day

  • Seafair Weekend in August

    • $2,600 day

  • Labor Day Weekend

    • $1,600 day

  • Husky Sail gating - $1,600 day

Standard rates

Standard rate for this Express Cruiser $250 per hour.

Full daily rate is $1,600.

Including skipper and non-alcoholic beverages.

Two hour minimum charter.

Fuel costs in addition:

Four hours = $150

Full day = $275 (depending on destination)

Special offer


Also available is the super fast Jetski Seadoo GTR 215.

3 seater- with 215 horse power.

Add for only $100/hour to enhance your water experience. 

No minimum hours.

You will never forget the day when you rode this beast behind the boat and jumping over the waves!




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